[Brand 20 years] blood of German machinery ▍ Sealess Pump leader

HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd. 1998-2018 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony Departure: German quality

20 years of brand, 20 years of carrying missions and dreams

20 years of brand, 20 years of glory and glory

The 20th anniversary of the brand is a rich and promoting corporate culture

Excellent opportunity and embodiment to condense the core competitiveness of the company


May 18, 2018 Dalian Haimitike celebrates its 20th birthday


Customers, distributors, suppliers from all over the world

More than 500 people have witnessed the 20th anniversary of Hermetic


May 18 Core customers visit the Hermetic factory


Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH. technology is again showing


Every detail of the sea ladder is worthy of the aftertaste


The 20-year German manufacturing process of Hermetic has made today's achievements and quality recognition


The 20-year history of Hermetic is inseparable from the contribution of everyone.


The development of Hermetic for 20 years is inseparable from the leadership decision


All the people drove to participate in the 20th anniversary of the Hermetic


The 20th anniversary celebration was held at the Dalian International Conference Center


Executive General Manager of HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd.

Qiao presided over and spoke


Congratulations to the children of the Hermetic Hope Elementary School


Leadership awards for 10 years, 15 years and 20 years of employees


 MR Kraemer, CEO of Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH


Representative of Zou, Technical Director of HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd.


20th Anniversary Literary Show - Longteng 20 Years



Dalian Hermetic Tike 20 years

We are Hermetic