Under the bright sunshine and the blue sky as clean as washed, the 1st Summer Refreshing Festival of HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd. was successfully held on Aug. 07, 2017, in which over 400 employees and family members were invited to join. The aim of the activity is to draw closer the distance between family members and Hermetic, enable them to have a deeper perception of the development and achievement of Hermetic, know about the working environment of employees and boost their understanding, thus to promote the cohesion of the big family of Hermetic.

At the beginning, led by the voluntary guide of the company, employee family members visited the office buildings and workshops, and listened attentively to the introduction by the guide to have a further understanding of the company history, employee working environment and main products of the company. Many of them kept snapping photos to memory the precious moments.

After that, the opening ceremony of the 1st Summer Refreshing Festival formally began, at which Mr. Kraemer, the Chairman of Board of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH and HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd., Mr. Dahlke, the CCO of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH, Mr. Qiao , the Chairman of Board of Danai Pumps Co., Ltd. and General Manager of HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd. were invited to deliver speeches. In their speeches, they presented in details the development journey of the company, that Hermetic has been heading forward step by step, the hardship at the beginning of joint investment to the rapid growth of performance today which all Hermetic people have put in great efforts and unremitting persistence, that the support and understanding from family members of Hermetic are the endless power for the development of the Company, and Hermetic needs you today and more tomorrow.

Mr. Qiao, the Executive General Manager of HERMETIC-Pumps Dalian Co., Ltd. reported on the major economic indicators in the first half of 2017, a string of numbers jumping into eyes, like order volume, sales revenue, output value, profits, and so forth, all growing largely. In particular when being compared with that of 2016, the progress this year is more gratifying. There is the influence of a steadily growing market though, it’s more achieved by the joint efforts of all Hermetic people and family members. On speaking of this, everyone burst into cheer with the voice of applauding penetrating the entire room.

Finally, employees and family members jointly staged a spectacular party of various forms of performances, including group singing, solo singing, dance, poet recitation, instrument playing, etc. From the beginning to the end, the hall was full of joyfulness.

Hermetic people will stay true to their original will of working hard. With the selfless dedication and endless wordless support of the family members, Hermetic will keep its step as the industrial main force as always. Already full of vitality today, Hermetic will present itself to people around the world in a more vigorous posture. This Summer Refreshing Festival closed successfully, see you next year!